10 Obvious Signs That He Has Stopped Loving You

People show their love differently. Quiet people can be romantic and extrovert individuals might often go extra with their effort. Some people don’t really take you out on romantic dinners. Still, they never miss your anniversaries, pay attention to tiny things, and are always that person in the background making sure everything is right.

But when you feel unsure if your man still loves you, reading these 10 signs will help you pinpoint what’s going on. Whether they still love you or not, after reading these signs, hopefully, your heart will clear up.

He has a lot to say about your appearance.
Appearance is temporary, but it’s also what you see every day. Someone who loves you wouldn’t attempt to make you feel the need to look perfect all the time. Just like how you feel comfortable with a family member in pajamas and bed hair, that’s how your man should make you feel. They don’t make insulting comments about your bellies, cellulite, or eye sacks.

But if he doesn’t love you…
You know the difference between someone who really cares about your health and wants to insult your look. Do they think your nail polishes are so tacky? Do they think you should use makeup all the time because you look sick? Do they make you feel like your body is just not good enough?

He talks about you with his friends.
Men who talked about their women to their friends prove that they mean more than just a girlfriend. As a matter of fact, they are different from women who enjoy having love talks. In a joking tone, they might even say how adorable you are despite all your quirks.

But if he doesn’t love you…
Down talking one’s partner is a strong sign of a lack of love. Everyone has their own quirks, but you can always discern when someone makes fun of you or makes light jokes. If they keep doing it even when you’re there, walk away from him. This is a red flag that he’s only trying to make you feel small to control you.

He comments on your habits.
Who doesn’t have habits? The way you eat your burger, twirl your hair, shower, binge-watch, drive, etc. – are all habits you bring with you when you live with someone. And an observant partner will comment on them.

But if he doesn’t love you…
They feel annoyed at the things you do. It’s like they’re on period, but it never ends. At the end of the day, if those habits are minor and by no way harm you or anyone else, then they probably don’t love everything about you.

He listens to you.
Men like getting straight to the point. They have a short attention span, so it really shows when your man is making an effort to listen to you. Sometimes they’re probably tired after a long day at work, and that extra love they put into listening to our stories shows their love!

But if he doesn’t love you…
Of course, he will try to avoid the topic or even change it, especially if he does something else. He might even pretend to be busy to avoid having a conversation with you. He doesn’t think you are important or interesting enough because he couldn’t care less about your worries or concerns.

He reacts to your tears.
Who doesn’t react to people tearing up? We tend to cry when we see someone else in tears, and that contagion act is science. It’s almost like how you get excited like everyone else at a concert and angry at an act of injustice online. He, too, will do a similarly empathetic act for you when you cry, even if they might not shed tears together with you.

But if he doesn’t love you…
Annoyed. You feel pain when someone you love cries, but when it’s someone you have no love nor care for? You don’t feel anything. Unless they’re under huge stress or mental burden, it just means there’s no love in between both of you anymore.

He is flirting.
Flirting doesn’t end after marriage or a certain age. Flirting is a sign of attraction that even elderly couples keep doing between them. The love couples feel after years of marriage might be different. But the flirting keeps it alive while also serving as proof.

But if he doesn’t love you…
He is indeed flirting… but it’s not with you. On top of that, your attempts have not been well-received by him. Some people have a low sex drive and are not romantic, but you know your man the best. Whether that’s his characteristics or a behavior change he refuses to discuss with you, you know the best.

The way he reacts when you make requests.
The small things count. They seriously do, and the more trivial they are, the easier it is to see the effort they put into making you happy. As long as it’s a reasonable request, there’s no reason they won’t do it for you.

But if he doesn’t love you…
They’ll come up with a million excuses not to. They find fulfilling your requests tiring, unfulfilling. In conclusion, they don’t see your requests as important.

He is jealous.
You feel jealous if your boyfriend eyes someone else. Similarly, they should feel the same about you, to a normal degree. As long as that jealously does not cause him to abuse or cage you, that is just a sign that he still loves and wants you.

But if he doesn’t love you…
That jealousy turns into a dangerous thing called obsession. You can’t talk to people without fearing you’ll invoke his rage, and he keeps tabs on who you go out with. That is no more love.

On the other hand, he might not care. Go out with whoever you want – even with another man. You’re no longer important to him.

He makes you feel safe.
It is in the way he makes sure you wear the seatbelt to calling if you need a ride home at night. He does everything in his power to make sure you feel safe. Even if he’s not good at a fight, he’ll find a way to avoid confrontations that could put you in danger.

But if he doesn’t love you…
He will never bother to call or even ask whether you need him or whether you feel safe. He will never even feel the slightest concern when someone is bullying you because he is either a coward or doesn’t care anymore.

He expresses his feelings and is gentle with you.
Not all man has a sweet call for their women. But can you recall how they do small things that make you happy? What is their love gesture? Do they give you ‘sweet dreams’ or make you a hearty breakfast in the morning? Do they cuddle with you when you’re tired or plan small surprises to help you relax?

But if he doesn’t love you…
It is no more about making you happy for them. A man who doesn’t love you stops doing more than necessary to keep the relationship barely alive. Even so, we all know ‘barely’ is not supposed to be how a love relationship goes. His lack of love gestures compared to before means they no more love you.

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