14 Times Heidi Klum Took Halloween Costumes To The Next Level

Heidi Klum is among several celebrities who always go all out with their Halloween party. Except for the years 2012 and 2020, people always anticipate what Heidi’s going to be on every Halloween. She’d use prosthetics, heavy makeup, and splurge on getting the right props for her looks.

And here are some of the most iconic looks of hers from years ago, some for slightly less unfortunate reasons. But definitely A+ for the effort!

Gothic vampire look.

In 2005, Klum went with a vampire look as she wore the fake vampire fangs with a leather minidress, and curly, puffy black wig. She added a pair of bat wings and her overall look makes her feel like a vampire you’d see in the 80s.

An actual butterfly.

Did you know that butterfly looks gross close-up? Yeah, Klum decided to be that butterfly in 2014 with a mask that is anatomically correct.

Lady Godiva, but dead.

In 2001, she brought a horse and rode it as Lady Godiva, but dead. She established her position as the Halloween goddess here.

Crows in 2009.

Klum and Seal, who is now her ex-husband, decided to dress up as crows.

Jessica Rabbit costume, 2015

Klum and her 5 other Klums.

In 2016, she got the help of 5 other models to dress up as her, and well, the idea was great, but the execution with the costumes they wear, not so much.

First Halloween party in 2000.

Klum in a black leather dress complete with a black wig and red lipstick to play dominatrix.


Yes, this 2007 costume was truly the embodiment of Halloween, but we weren’t sure if scary was really what Klum aimed for.

Skeleton witch.

In 2004, Heidi Klum’s flaming red witch look wasn’t bad at all.

Hindu goddess, Kali. Many Hindus protested Klum’s costume in 2008 was offensive.

Klum learned that you don’t attempt to portray a foreign culture’s deity or figures without understanding them.

Betty Boop.

Simple, but Heidi Klum got herself the right parts to be Betty Boop. Gorgeous!

Cleopatra in 2012 didn’t get to attend the party due to Hurricane Sandy.

Some people commented it was cultural appropriation, but since it was a pretty popular character that’s people often do as well, there weren’t many complaints.

Klum’s golden creature look in 2003.

God forbids we ever figure out what she dressed up as for her 2003 party.

Human anatomy.


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