15 Fascinating Ocean Facts

1.Fish don’t sleep in the same way that humans do, instead they rest in “suspended animation.”

2. Penguins can swim as fast as 25 miles per hour underwater.

3. Our planet’s oceans hold about 20 million tons of gold.

4. 230,000 unique marine species have been discovered and classified by scientists.

5. If all the ice found in glaciers and ice sheets melted, then the sea level would rise by roughly 262 feet (80m). That’s as tall as a 26-story building.

6. Lion’s mane jellyfish can grow up to 120 feet long!

7. It takes about one thousand years for water to travel around the entire planet.

8. Surprisingly, 95% of the ocean has never even been explored by humans

9.based on an estimate by UNESCO, there are about 3 million shipwrecks on ocean floors around the world.

10.Sharks do not have a single bone in their body

11.A Blue Whale’s tongue is large enough to accommodate around 50 people standing on it.

12. With a heart about the size of a car, the blue whale is the largest creature to ever exist on the planet. One of its blood vessels is large enough to enable a man to crawl through

13. Nearly ninety-percent of volcano eruptions happen underwater.

14.Electric Eels are the only species with an ability to generate an electric charge

15.A Tiger Shark can, on an average, produce around 24,000 teeth in its lifetime.

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