15 Things You Only See At Grandma’s House

I bet you can find these things at your Grandma’s house, too!

Grandma’s house is a magical place where all problems go away, and all visitors become instantly hungry. There’s always candy, food, and love. And these are just some of the things you’ll find at ANY grandmother’s home.

Check out this list of 15 things you’ll see at any Grandma’s house. I bet you’ll remember all of them, no matter where you live. And if you’re a grandma, I have a question for you: Did you buy all these things when your grandkids were born? Or did all they magically appear in your house?

1.The forbidden cabinet at Grandma’s house:

2. This candy:

3. Furniture that looked like this:

4. The disappointment when we opened this box:

5. A drawer filled with plastic bags – although, to be honest I have one of these, too. And I’m not a grandma yet.

6. Reusable containers – I do this, too. Less waste!

7. A LOT of plastic containers!

8. A home exercise bike:

9. One of the few things we could play with.

10. TV Guides – My grandma still buys these. Yes, they still exist!

11. Doilies everywhere!

12. Pictures of all the grandkids:

13. Grandma’s favorite show playing…

14. …on one of these huge ancient things:

15. Bathroom rugs:

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