16 Most Hilarious Dad Moments That Only Make Us Love Them Even More

People think they are stern, but we know better. Dads are just goofy people who know how to make us laugh with their jokes. And we also feel so proud when we see how they achieve something they’ve worked so hard on. Or how they wish us the best, despite not getting the dates right.

Hopefully, you’ll have a great day ahead, and wish your dad the best today! We also wish every dad and their hilarious shenanigans and quirks a very great day ahead. We don’t have to wait for Father’s Day to say this, right?

“My dad figured out the works of a 360 camera; I feel proud of the rascal.”

Peak Dad moments.

“We had family photos, and my wife doesn’t want this hanging in our entrance…”

“My dad sent me a picture this morning and said, ‘It finally happened.’”

“My dad mails my dog $ and gift cards on the regular. Lol.”

“My dad was responsible for our neighborhood sign this week, a series.”

This… sounds like a genius idea?!

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Can’t ignore his calling.

“My parents moved to my neighborhood this month after living many hours away almost my entire adult life. My dad has dropped some hints about porch coffee with me some time and apparently just couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Update: showed up early with his favorite jelly donuts. Pops already had the good stuff brewed.”

Good luck.

“My dad (left) got his art displayed in public for the first time, and I’m super proud of him.”

“My Dad listed this pocket mirror on eBay. Said he wanted people to know that it worked.”

“My dad told me there were brownies in the pan.”

“Had eye surgery today. Dad made me an eye patch. Is it off-putting, or does it look real?”

“My dad is two different people.”

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