17 Hilarious Times People Hated Themselves For Shopping Online

You can’t avoid Amazon and other online shopping platforms during this time. There are still places with strict lockdown regulations, which means that you can’t window shop as usual. Shopping online becomes your best option to get what you want, but of course, it comes with risks.

You know what you’re getting when you shop directly from the physical store. But the thing with online stores, even from the official sites or trusted sellers, you can’t be 100% sure of what you’ll get. Unlike the usual satisfaction you get from shopping in person, online purchases can range from a delighted feeling to a complete scam.

The ones shown below have the general feeling of ‘I’m not shopping here anymore’ with the occasional ‘I feel like crying.’

“Ordered the robe you wear when the police comes to tell you your millionaire husband died in suspicious circumstances.”

“Mom thought she got a great deal on this 6’x6’ rug vs the 6”x6” swatch she got instead.”

“Sometimes, you don’t expect a lot from AliExpress but holy…”

“I ordered a desk lamp from Amazon. I should have read the specs more carefully.”

“I bought this from the official website too.”

“My new tattoo.”

“My friend ordered a baby Yoda (Grogu) this is what they got.”

“Pretty mild, but still frustrating.”

“Disco pants from Amazon.”

“These pants make me look really pissed.”

“My dad bought a wool hoodie online and the proportions were a bit off.”

“What we ordered vs what we got (feat my dog).”

“I ordered a 6ft tall rainbow tree from a Facebook ad and this is what showed up! I’m crying from laughing so hard, I’ve never had this happen in real life!”

“Saw this on Aliexpress.”

“A friend ordered two snapbacks with a custom image. This happened.”

“Decided to get my hair done professionally after doing it myself for 3 years. What I asked for vs what I got. Can’t wait to spend my whole weekend fixing it.”

“What my mom ordered my wife for Christmas VS what arrived.”

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