17 Times People Expected Too Much From Exaggerated Ads

Marketing is such a tricky thing. It’s aimed to promote a product and often doesn’t reflect the real thing as it is. But at least they are still within a reasonable range… right? But these people prove that those ads are really not to be trusted at all.

From online purchases to food delivery, these people shared how unbelievable the ads are compared to the actual products. Scroll down for the pictures and always be reminded to only purchase from reliable platforms and choose sellers with genuine reviews!

“I paid 2 euros for this (thumb for scale).”

“The Meltdown sandwich, ‘The Giddy Up.’”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Creamy Butterscotch Drops… not so creamy.”

“Laptop stand I ordered vs. laptop “stand” I got.”

“Not quite the same.”

“What I ordered VS What I got.”

“Warned my friend about buying from Wish. Hope he learned his lesson.”

“I think they forgot the pink…”

“Not ordering from them again…”

“I can’t stop laughing.”

“Another warning on thinking it’s gonna look as cool as the advert. I literally had to cut it off me with a pair of scissors!”

“Well… these ‘fully dimmable’ lamps are a disappointment.”

“I bought an electric hobby drill for my plastic models which turned out to be a plastic model itself.”

“The tissues my mom bought weren’t cut.”

“Still tastes good but looks like it’s come from someone’s tortured bowels.”

“I’ve never seen such false advertising before… Dogfood in a tortilla anyone?”

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