Today I am going to write about trust which is very precious thing. Never break someone trust because if it is broken then it cannot be gain again. Here I am writing quotes about trust.

The person who does not trust of other people will not be trusted.
If someone break your trust then do not trust them again.
The only thing that cannot break trust is truth. So, always speak a truth.
When you start to trust on yourself then you can know that how to live.
Never trust on the people who say good things on your face and bad things behind your back.
If you want to live in this society then you have to trust people who are sincere to you because if you do not trust on them then they can not be with you forever.
Trust is not the thing that can buy or you can achieve it easily. You have to earned it and it came after the passage of time.
If a person trust the other people then in return he also receives the trust.
If you trust other then it is a good thing but do not trust blindly on others without knowing about them.
Keep your promises that you have made with others so people can trust on you.
If someone trust you than it is greater than being loved.
Trust cannot come again if its gone. Even if it came again but it cannot be the same.
Trust is the expensive things to earn. Sometimes it takes years to earn it and seconds to break it.
The best proof of love is trust. In love trust is the main thing.
You should have courage to trust on the love once again.
If you have even one person whom you can trust then you are very lucky.
If you trust blindly on someone then you get one of two things from it. A lesson for life or a Person for life.
If some trust on you than do not lie and if someone lie to you than don’t trust them.

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