19 Times Designers Go Insane In Executing Their Ideas

In what world do people think having an outdoor shower is cool? Yeah, designers can have crazy ideas from time to time, but in the name of cost-cutting and being unique, these ideas are truly insane. How would people on vacation think it’s cool to poop in the morning on the balcony?

You don’t have to try to be super unique all the time. Sometimes common, but very well executed would be received much better most of the time.

This hotel room is $100,000. The countertop is made of medical waste.

Apartment hunting when, pebble river.

I’m living in an apartment where the socket is between firmly fixed shelves and a kitchen drawer.

The shower is inside the bedroom in this cabin.

This hostel in Budapest, Hungary.

Looks like we have a night dweller living among us.

‘Redid’ the stairs with new entrance for a cafe on the roof.

Lived here for 10 years, making breakfast while taking shower.

Stairs at this hotel.

For animal lovers who can’t get a pet.

A single room with all necessities. Side-road hotel.

A toilet for true best friend.

Rented a villa in Thailand and found out the toilet and shower were on the balcony.

Bedroom window to give a microwave vibe.

Rented a good apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia, except for the toilet that was right next to a rock, separated from the room with closet doors.

This gap in the wall at the apartment I rented is for the bedroom.

You’re looking at the whole window.

It’s the ‘Pants House’ that’s still on sale in the neighborhood.

This door feels like it’s bodyshaming people.



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