19 Times Heidi Klum Completely Nailed Halloween Ensemble Game

Heidi Klum loves Halloween, and she shows it through her all-out look every year. The 46-year-old America’s Got Talent judge, actress, and fashion designer loved to go scared and wow people during trick-or-treat season since 2000. And she means serious business when it comes to Halloween because not a single guest is allowed on the premise without being completely dressed up.

She was a goddess, a villain, a ghost, and many things during the previous years. Needless to say, she managed to steal the spotlight every year. Green Lemon has compiled each of her customers since 2000

The 46-year-old model gave her fans the shock of a lifetime as she appeared in a gory humanoid alien on the attack while arriving at her 20th Annual Halloween Bash in NY City on 31th Oct.

Goth Pippi Longstocking, 2000

Lady Godiva, 2001

Betty Boop, 2002

Gold Alien, 2003

Red Witch, 2004

Vampire, 2005

Forbidden Fruit, 2006

Cat, 2007

Crow, 2009

Superhero, 2010

“Bodies” Cadavar, 2011

Ape, 2011

Cleopatra, 2012

95-Year-Old Heidi, 2013

Butterfly, 2014

Jessica Rabbit, 2015

Herself, 2016

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, 2017

Fiona from “Shrek”, 2018


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