20 of the Dense men who missed obvious clues from girls

It is a fact that people in school are not taught the art of picking up clues. It is a skill that you must acquire over time as you grow and interact with people. Some are gifted with it, but most seem to learn more from regrets for not grasping the clues and the most obvious signs from girls.

Some people wonder why girls are more aggressive these days, but girls have long gotten tired of using words because men just can’t understand them.


She was being more than kind.

We don’t know what kind of assurance he actually needed.

She was probably so frustrated at his plain answer.

A bit late to go back now.

You are crazy.

Throwing ice cubes was his choice of action.

The icing of the cake is the girl updating her Facebook: “Wow, some people really are just that oblivious.”

Socially retarded.


…nice. A fire.

Man seriously thought a girl was about to actually steal a bear head.


Really? We don’t pay for water?

A facepalm moment.

At least they’re together now.

A man needs some moment of silence.

Haha. A dumb guy.

Girl, how-

She had enough with this whole retarded situation.


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