20 People Who Sew Themselves Cool Things You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

When you’re cooped up in your room for too long, you get bored. Who knows, you probably should try picking up that sewing kit or quilting set that you’ve been interested in. For a long time, you’ve been thinking about them, but you just can’t get enough time. Now’s probably the right time.

People from the ‘Sewing‘ subreddit are not all professional. Some of them do have the talent and knack for it, but some also have gone through many trials and errors. They made the coolest things on Reddit after countless hours of research, drafting, and practice. The best part of it is how nobody else can buy anything like these!

Scroll on and be inspired!

“This is a prom dress my Aunt from Nigeria made for me back in 2019. We designed it based on two different dresses. The pattern of the fabric is my favorite part.”

“Bought my first sewing machine 2 weeks ago without knowing a single thing about sewing. So I spent hours on YouTube watching how-to videos. I made this myself yesterday… I think I did well.”

“Designed, sewed, and modeled this Dior-inspired Trench Coat.”

“Made a nonconventional wedding dress!”

“I made my wedding dress [No Pattern].”

“Prom might not have happened this year but at least I can still twirl around in the ball gown I made!!”

“I made a velvet dress with LEDs to look like the night sky.”

“Finished my rainbow quilt! And a body pillow case to match. Happy pride month!”

“My old lounge dress wasn’t getting much wear, so I reworked it into a sundress.”

“I did it, I made a coat!”

“Self-drafted. No pattern. Outfit I made from scratch from kente fabric.”

“Duchess coat by Ellie and Mac patterns for my spiderman-obsessed 2y.o. niece. I can’t wait to see it on her!”

“Been sewing shirts and matching ties for my 5 cats. It’s been fun. Hope you like them.”

“Completed my Belle gown (Beauty & the Beast).”

“In 2020 I’m planning to memorialize my father by sewing a book of his life. This is page one.”

“I just finished my son’s Halloween costume.”

“I made a maple leaf fairy costume for Renn Faire.”

“Made an entire 1850’s outfit. Lots of work, but totally worth it!”

“I recreated an early 1900s illustration butterfly dress!”

“I made the dressing gown that Bilbo wears in the first Hobbit movie.”



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