20 Times People’s Creativity Went Beyond Our Expectations

Their execution is flawless and the ideas are fresh. We love seeing some creative handiwork done by people around the world. And we absolutely love to show them to our readers! This time we have 20 people whose proud creations truly deserve some recognition.

Scroll on and get inspired! And if you love them, you should definitely check this one out for outfits!

“One of the earrings I made using precious metals, resin, and glow pigment so it absorbs light to emit light.”

“I made a tree armlet with some copper wire and a couple of labradorite beads.”

This Van Gogh swimming pool.

“My crochet house plant collection!”

“This maze for you to do while you wash your hands at my school.”

“My mom made a pineapple tree fruit display.”

“I got to paint strawberries on a head today!”

“Astro Boy Traffic light in Sagami, Japan.”

Growing trees in shape so they can sit on them.

“Clever roadside campaign to raise awareness against using your phone whilst driving…. Love this!”

“The bag my new glasses came in.”

“I made a pizza dress.”

“I made this origami koi fish a few years back for our tip jar. It took me 3 days and all of my patience.”

“I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in my resin kitchen floor.”

“Yasuhiro Suzuki’s ‘Zip-Fastener Ship.’”

“Turned my TV into a Nintendo switch.”

“I made $5,000 prom shoes for my sister for $40.”

“I made a Cat Thingy for my handicap ca.”

“I made a thing, I kind of screwed it up but it’s ok.”

“I made this silver ring for my girlfriend. Out of clay.”

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