21 People Who Made Outstanding Outfits And Dresses From Trash

Yeah, these are straight trash, things that we would’ve just thrown into the bin. We’ve heard and seen people show recycled products out of this trash, but you probably have never imagined that in the right hands, they can look absolutely stunning, the kind of dress you wear proudly to parties.

So much creativity from these people that we hope inspires you too in sewing and upcycling. Most importantly, be proud that it’s something you have made with your own pair of hands while saving the world a little by upcycling materials!

“I made a dress out of a book!”

“I made a bomber… and it’s reversible! Feat. fabric from your grandmother’s closet.”

“I made a patchwork skirt and I’m really proud of it! It’s made out of old bedsheets.”

“I made all the dresses for this bohemian wedding using repurposed fabrics and textiles.”

“How do you Dew?”

“Watch me use 11 rolls of toilet paper…”

“This dress is literally made out of paper. In case you’re curious, the big words on the front say Spokane Metro, which was the magazine I used to create this piece!”

“I made a dress out of an old parachute.”

“My wedding dress make from trash bags, plastic table cloths, and butcher paper.”

“I made a new dress out of an old shower curtain with no pattern! I’ve only ever sewn a handful of things, and it still needs some finishing touches, but I’m super pleased!”

“This dress was made from 80% bed linens that were painted and shaped with stiffening agents. All the rest of the fabrics used were scrap remnants from other projects.”

“My first self drafted dress! Made from the most amazing thrifted bedsheet.”

“Wonder Woman dress made from fuse beads.”

“I turned my Grandmother’s kitchen wallpaper into a dress.”

“I made all the dresses for this bohemian wedding using repurposed fabrics and textiles.”

“So, I’ve been seeing some original dress posts and I thought I would share mine. Here’s my prom dress made out of soda pop tabs.”

“I made a dress out of an air mattress whilst listening to Bjork (self-patterned).”

“This dress was made from 12 pairs of torn out jeans and 1 pair of torn out overalls. It’s like 98% recycled.”

“I made a dress out of cardboard!”

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