23 Pics That Show True Hilarious Struggles Of Being An Instagram Husband

“Oh, it’s fine, I’ll just take a picture of the view here,” says no woman ever in this article. The issue of taking a good picture for an Instagram post is a serious matter, close to life and death and maybe, the status of your marriage or relationship. Goes without saying that you’re suddenly thrown into an intense photography class once you get entangled with these women.

But hey, what’s love if you’re not willing to go a little extra for a good picture? Everyone loves a good picture to remember by the good places they’ve been to, right?


“Just one more picture,” she said. “It’ll look great, ” she said. Scroll ahead for some real hilarious moments guys have to take perfect pictures of their partner.

1. “I have no idea how or where she got these leaves, or the stroller, or honestly, even these babies.”

2. “I put my life on the line so my girl can have the perfect photo.”

3. Any sports car is real free estate for a picture.

4. Teamwork is all the girls need.

5. The ultimate sacrifice at 97 degrees under the scorching sun.

6. Just look as if you fell in love with donut, yeah, like that.

7. Flexing guts for 2 hours can really form the perfect abs that last for 30 seconds for a photoshoot.

8. How to be an Instagram boyfriend with priorities checked:

9. Shop employee eventually reminded us to buy a tree since it’s not a park.

10. “Snakes? Pfft, men shouldn’t be afraid of snakes,” she said. Lessons learned.

11. Definitely not our plant pot, but she promises no more brick wall pictures for the next 2 weeks.

12. Purchased two dogs that perfectly matched her outfit, room and bedding.

13. Girls never go on dates without a professional third person for this.

14. Wife: My husband, I’d like to propose that circus pose I’ve alw-
Husband: Oh, no.

15. “Can you please step aside and be invisible for a sec?”

16. “I still remember when this tree grew thick foliage…”

17. Yeah, I’ll just whip my hair like those shampoo advertisement.

18. When you think too hard on what kind of face to your girlfriend’s standard.

19. “Hun, get me 75 cheeseburgers, please. I need to take a picture.”

20. When murals and graffiti become scarier than any poster of Pennywise.

21. Spent half an hour just standing there holding the same clothes for a good casual picture.

22. I’m fine. Totally fine. Aside from having my life flashes before my eyes, I’m fine.

23. She cook her own breakfast, mess her own bed, and got back into bed.



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