25 Entertaining Photographs Of Kids That Made A Huge Mess

These photos will make you laugh… but only if you’re not one of these kids’ parents.

Do you think you had a bad day? Well, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as bad as these parents’. These hilarious photos show exactly what happens when the kids are too quiet. They make a mess! I bet all parents have gone through similar events, and I’d love to hear your story! Share your experience in the comments below!

1. OMG, this kid made a terrible mess! It’s hilarious, when you’re not his Mom, LOL.

2. The sweet mess before breakfast!

3. When your kid is as quiet as a fish… check the fish tank.

4. I guess there’s no such thing as too much diaper cream.

5. Oh, great! You’re home. I found this green paint, oops!

6. Silence is NOT a good sign when you’ve got kids.

7. When you wanna help Mom so you apply the baby powder on your little brother.

8. I decided we no longer need these:

9. The look on the dog’s face… priceless!

10. I just love it how chill the dog is!

11. Oh, wow! This one’s hilarious!

12. Whatever currency this is, it can’t be good. “Mom, I need some money for a school project!”

13. When the love for ketchup is too strong…

14. You should always put these bottles as high as possible in the fridge!

15. “Why are you spending so much time in the bathroom?” Yikes! I guess he was remodeling.

16. OMG, they look so innocent!

17. Kiddo found the flour. Oops!

18. Her brother was sweet as jelly, so she decided to add some peanut butter… all over him.

19. I bet these kids love taking baths!

20. When the kid finds your permanent marker…

21. “You said feed the dog”

22. Oh, wow. Just wow.

23. Look, Mommy! We made snow!

24. Oops!

25. What? I’m making an omelet.

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