25 Funny Dogs That Are Begging For Food

These dogs begging for food are so funny, I wouldn’t be able to resist them. They are adorable!

If a dog is used to sharing food with its humans, whenever someone eats something, even if it’s gum, the dog will show up with those beautiful round eyes, begging for a piece. And they can be so funny, especially when they know it’s against the rules, but they just can’t help it. In this gallery, you’ll see 25 hilarious dogs trying to convince their owners to share their food with them. They made my day, I hope they’ll make you smile, too!

1. I could never say no to this cutie!

2. Find someone who looks at you the same way this dog looks at food.

3. Begging for food is a team effort!

4. Excuse me, this is empty.

5. So funny!

6. When you’re not allowed to touch the food, but they didn’t say anything about smelling it.

7. That face! So adorable!

8. So funny! When they look at you like this, it’s hard to say no.

9. When you can’t find your dog, just start eating and it’ll show up.

10. We heard you’ve got treats.

11. Just look at that face!

12. Professional beggars:

13. “I’m not even looking!”

14. When the food smells so good, you could eat the table!

15. I’m telling you, it’s hard to resist them.

16. LOL! This dog’s begging face is hilarious!

17. Gimme food! I’ll even dance for it!

18. Whatcha got there?

19. So funny!

20. One second before happiness:

21. That’s how I look at pizza, too.

22. Gimme!

23. I’m not begging! I’ll just sit here and make you uncomfortable.

24. Make mine to go, thanks.

25. So adorable!

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