30 Comparison Pictures With Stark Differences That Tell A Story

Pictures tell a thousand stories. When you put them side-by-side, it’s amazing to see just how much difference could be seen. It might just be impossible to notice these differences in real life, such as progress pictures. And we’d like to invite our readers to see what’s rarely noticed in real-time.

We absolutely love the way these things are put into perspective to inspire others, teach new things, and add to your viewpoints. Read on, and we hope they also inspire something inside you!

“From 2.5 months to nearly 2 years.”

“Lost 200 pounds in a year. Just did the 20:4 fast and walked ~5km every day.”

“1930’s parquet flooring restored today!”

“Before and after being told she’s a good girl.”

“Genetics is so cool, my parents always told me I looked like my dad’s mom but I never got to meet her before she passed away. On the right is my grandmother holding my dad and left is me holding my son, taken exactly 63 years apart!”

They both became mothers together!

“This is what 6 years of practice looks like – my art in 2021 vs. 2015!”

“I’ve been to Skógafoss in all seasons. Here is a series showing the difference in colors.”

“Yesterday, I took my Grandmother on her first bike ride in 59 years; I need a new word for awesome.”

“I’ve finally recreated it.”

“I bought my first bike one year ago today.”

“I just want a bigger pocket please, is that too much to ask for? Sincerely, Women everywhere?!”

“First day of chemo vs. LAST!”

“Before and after of my 8-year project (1972 Datsun 240z Restomod).”

“1st picture was the peak of my depression. 2nd is a recent one after almost a year of medication and self-care.”

“The Longest Way – walk through China and grow a beard!”

“Me and my dad. 1982 and 2021. Both age 20, 39 years apart.”

“Before and After, I asked her if she knew how cute she was.”

“Age 12 vs. 16 – my drawing progress.”

“‘Tip of the Iceberg’ – a massive male humpback whale gestures toward me as Loni, our expert skipper, lines up a photo from the roof of our boat.”

“Cheers to 2 years of health! 100 lbs lost and maintained for a year.”

“Before/After my DIY driveway. I made the paving stones and the driveway.”

“Never thought I’d be able to use my hand again. Shout out to the surgeon and therapist.”

“Bruce Wayne is a big snuggly cane corso.”

“She fell asleep in my palm as we were cleaning out the kit nest today.”

Twenty years apart, still the same amount of love in his eyes.

“6 years ago today, I had surgery to straighten up my spine; this is the before/after result. I gained 5cm with the process.”

“Canadian passports under a black light.”

“Size of Orangutan.”

“8 weeks vs. 8 months.”

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