30 Nonsensical Hilarious Comics By Ben Zaehringer With A Dark Twist

Is weird and ridiculous your favorite jam? Coincidentally, it’s also the same for us! Ben Zaehringer is the comic artist that we’d like to spot this time. The man is such an interesting artist with a refreshingly dark sense of humor that’s often disruptive.

He started the “Berkeleymews” comics where he comes up with fresh jokes that just always seem to crack us up so much. Here are 30 of his best comics that we love from him! If you love them, did you know that he’s also publishing his comics as a book titled “How Not to Get Into Heaven” that you can preorder now? Go check his page out!

Bury me.

A pillow mint.

Hang in there.

A water bed.

Swiping right.

Prank of the year.

If she got it…

“Magic Trick”


“No Monsters!”

“God’s Computer”

“Don’t Be Sad”



“Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)”


“Fountain Wish”

“Almost There”

A new hobby.


“Slow Clap”

Cruella, adopting.

A bad dream.

Tricking the system.

A clown.

Fix the past.

“Taste Test”

“Bomb Squad”


Among Us.


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