30 People Reveal The Setup Behind ‘Perfect’ Picture Vs. The Outcome

A lot of beautiful pictures with setup are not that complex or even ‘proper’ like in a studio. Photographers these days love to go out and find a suitable background on the go. You don’t have to be confined to your space to find a suitable setting! Some of them even did the setup on their own and took their own pictures on their own!

“The Setup and The Shot” twitter trend is going around, getting photographers to show their setup and the incredible post-edit results.

She’s a star in that moment.

Just a couple of well-cared flowers in your shower.

Such mesmerizing lights.

Beautiful nature added with professional photography and editing skills.

Such beautiful artwork!

A beautiful view to behold.

You don’t have at the beach for a good beach picture.

So simple, but such an amazing shot.

Two legs up in the sky.

Such a cool idea!

This is just so aesthetic.

The lady with rose.

So simple, yet, so stunning.

Not even in a field of lavender!

Bathing in a lake of magic.

How to create a beautiful set for your products!

A tub with fallen leaves look so glam.

A LOT of CDs and DVDs.

She watched magic swirled in front of her.

Those shots that you seem to only see in fantasy-themed movies?

When you get the lighting right.

One among many.

Her eyes, captivating.

Water is such a magical piece of prop.

She looks like a mermaid.

How to create a stunning mirror-concept.

Sunflowers background.

A surreal theme.

Playing with the balloons.

Can be done in anyone’s garage!



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