30 Women Bravely Share The Ways They Were Body-Shamed

This trending tag is a reminder that there are many women out there who still vividly remember the pain of being body-shamed. A lot of times, that’s because the comments come from family members who think ‘they are being attentive’. But finally, years later, women are given a bigger platform to speak up about this.

No, it’s not okay to tell a child that being fat is equal to being ugly. It’s not okay to use insults to instigate your kids to workout or exercise. Nothing good will come out from attacking people’s physical appearance. What’s worse is that some people don’t even think it’s bad. Yet, these people grow up with that comment ringing in their head: you’re fat and ugly.

Is he really trying to help?

This doctor need to resign.

You’re gorgeous no matter what.

Hurtful comments like this… need to stop.

Boys also don’t want judgmental girls.

I would date you if you weren’t such a jerk.

She can wear because she can.

A sad story.

Stop starving yourself for others.

Pizza is always a good idea.

What kind of favoritism is this?

Making girls diet since they’re 10?!

Also great if you want love that doesn’t last.

Men who are afraid to see their women grow?

True love will not shun you for your weight.

It’s a physical appearance.


Honestly, will lose it just for the money and gain them back.

Keep staying healthy.

A bad coach.

Wait, that’s part of her responsibility right? Being a supportive mother?

She’s just 9. What the hell?

You better be, she’s still growing.

Props to grandpa.

And die from starvation. Yup, popular!

If she never said she wanted one… why the suggestion?

That blind human who cannot see how pale anorexic people are.

This crazy mom.

Proved them wrong.

Sorry, muscle weight exists.

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