5 Ways To Improve Your Self Care

The definition of self-care is taking intentional actions to care for your mental, physical and/or emotional well being. You will find that when someone neglects caring for him or herself, they find it difficult to care for others the way they may want to. Therefore self care if vitally important for your own well being, as well as for the benefits it will bring to your relationships with others around you.

The goal of self care is to feel rejuvenated and have your life more balanced, it can help greatly in relieving stress and anxiety.

1.Physical Self Care
Nutrition is key.You need to ensure you are eating well balanced meals, and 3 times a day. Avoid snacking during the day or under eating as both will impact you negatively. Also when it is meal time make sure you step away from everything else and dedicate that time to only eating, not working/watching tv ect.
You need to be getting the recommended amount of sleep per night to help your body and mind can rest and recharge.
Exercise is important to help you feel fitter and healthier. Endorphins are released when you exercise and these trigger a positive feeling in the body.
Drink the recommended amount of water to help flush all the toxins from your body, and it is critical for supporting the brains function.

2.Spiritual Self Care
If you are not religious then this doesn’t have to be prayer. However prayer can be a great, along with meditation. Take time to just stop, breathe and think, find purpose and meaning.

3.People Support
The support from those around you is vital in maintaining good self care. Surround yourself with people who build you up not bring you down. Find friends or family members you can trust to support you. If you don’t have those people in your life, finding a support group or therapist can be beneficial in helping have someone to talk things through.

4.Mental/Emotional Self Care
This is probably the hardest of them all, as we are all naturally negative towards ourselves. Start engaging in positive self-talk, and positive beliefs in your self and your life. Stop being so hard on yourself and talk yourself up, there is no one better at being you than you, so own it.You are unique that is never a bad thing. Maybe make a mood journal to help release those emotions, or library of positive memories to look back on when you are feeling down.

Structure and routine is essential. If your life is chaotic then your head is bound to be chaotic. Set small goals to fulfil and that will motivate you once a goal is ticked off the list.
Find time for relaxation and a breather from everyday life. Try taking a long bath or shower or lighting a candle to give yourself that little boost. Do what you love.
There is time for work then time for pleasure. If you have a hobby make time for it in your daily routine.
If you have vacation or paid leave, use it, take time off.
Spending time in nature is brilliant for your mental well being.

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