5 women the Winchesters are now shaped in a man.

It’s International Women’s Day and that means a chance to celebrate everything female in Supernatural. Sure, the show isn’t known for being good to women but they’ve had an important role in shaping the Winchesters into the men they are today.
Supernatural isn’t well-known for being good to the women on the show. We just have to look at the number of women who have died over the years. Sure, men have too, but it seems like every woman on the show ends up dead (although some do come back). But for International Women’s Day 2019, I want to celebrate the women in the show.

International Women’s Day is all about women’s rights. It’s a focus on the movement, so it can seem odd that I’m turning the focus onto the women who have shaped the two leads of the series. However, they’ve had a direct impact on the growth of these two men and that is something positive to take away from. Despite not being main characters, they’ve become beloved characters in the fandom and it’s important to focus on that for International Women’s Day.

So many have helped shape the Winchesters into the men they are now. For this post, I’m keeping Mary Winchester out of the equation. Despite her death being the reason for John starting to hunt and her sons being raised as hunters, it was John who shaped the boys. There are so many others who have created the men they are now.

Some of the women certainly haven’t shaped them into who they are now in good ways. There are definitely evil characters on this list — and I’m sure you can guess one of them — but their actions have been so important that they still hold a part in the current character development.

Are you ready to delve into the five women for International Women’s Day 2019? See if you agree with this list.


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