65-Year-Old Lady Staggers Individuals With Her Natural Beauty And Uncovers Her Modeling Experience

Model Yazemeenah Rossi is different than most people in that she’s elderly in her 60s. Yet, most people could just see the way she brims with life as the 65-year-old woman continues to model in photoshoots.

Yazemeenah inspires her followers with lessons of self-love in relation to aging and beauty.

Her career started from a last-minute request: Yazmeenah was already a mother-of-two when she started her modeling gig.

Yazmeenah was asked to model at the last minute when the original model was not available. And from then on, her career propelled further for the next few decades. She’s made a name for herself through modeling for brands such as YSL, Jil Sander, and Thierry Mugler.

Gray hair was one of her proud assets. Yazmeenah shared that she’s had grey hair since she was 11.

But at such a young age, Yazmeenah often hears unpleasant comments about her silver locks. Still, she embraced them and found the silver color magical. She was never affected by the negativity.

“On the contrary, I was quite proud to stand on what was right for me despite the critics and this has always been like this all my life, a great asset in fact when I started modeling,” she explained.

“Not only by being one of the first models with silver hair but also by standing for what I wanted to do or not, money has never been the thing that would make me do things that felt wrong for me to do.”

She reminds people to accept themselves through changing one’s perspective: your white hair is just one of the many wonders your body has!

She’d always been one who gets spiritually connected to nature and its laws.

She loves using natural ingredients and beauty products for herself. Her beauty secret also lies in keeping a healthy sleeping schedule.

She also exercises mainly Yoga, to maintain her physical health. “People, when I was young, thought I was a sports teacher or a ballet dancer; it is a way of being in tune with the needs of the body.”

Her face brims with life and youthfulness as silver locks adorn her head. We just love her liveliness!

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