$700 Drive-Thru Order Sparks Debate On Fast Food Manners

Drive-Thru lanes have, over time, become the superstar, assisting fast-food chain sales in rebounding faster than imagined. They remain a modern marvel and indeed delivers convenience at top-notch. However, a recent tweet (the account now suspended) explored the extreme of a fast-food order. And Yes, this order has the internet talking, especially as it rings in at $703.14.

Drive-thrus are for convenience. You order any food and receive it quickly without leaving the driver’s seat.

The item which makes up the bulk of the order is mainly eighty-four double quarter pounders with bacon and cheese. This has left people raising eyebrows and has even sparked up a hot debate on Twitter. To be truthful, eight-four burgers wouldn’t be a fun order to prepare!

So you just can imagine how workers of a drive-thru felt when someone ordered 84 burgers.

The order rings in at $703.14 and also included 33 Senior sprites. Although one senior coke was given free.

Apart from the dozens of burgers, another attention-grabbing item was a 33 Senior Sprites totaling $26.40 all-in. Although one senior coke was given free, it turned out that the senior drinks came in smaller sizes and were intended for older people. On Twitter, some people were quick to point out it’s their job statement.

It wouldn’t be a fun order to prepare but some argued it a literal job to take orders no matter the size.

In response, a few claimed workers have the right to refuse service if it’s extremely inconvenient.

However, the opinion was shot down as many pointed out the purpose of the Drive-Thru is convenience; hence the person placing the order should have at least gone inside to collect the behemoth of an order. A few fast-food workers claimed that calling ahead for large orders is required in specific places.

For many people, calling ahead would have been the most reasonable thing to do.

“I worked at McDonald’s in high school. A school bus rolled up one night and ordered 100 big macs and 100 quarter pounders. It was like a warzone in the grill area, lettuce flying around like crazy.” One person commented, insisting it makes sense people should have to call ahead of time. On the other hand, some people tried to see the silver lining in the order. What’s your take on this matter?

However, some people tried to find the positives in the situation.

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