A 100-year-old lady cried with joy when the garbage collectors surprised her with a pink and white birthday cake after promising that he would attend her birthday if she reached 100.

Your heart will melt and you will get tears in your eyes as you watch Dorothy Ballard’s emotional surprise for her 100th birthday.

Ben Bird, Ballard’s favorite garbage man showed up at her door with a birthday cake to mark a celebration of her milestone.

Ben and Dorothy (nicknamed Mercy) have had an eight-year friendship, regularly chatting on Thursday mornings from 8-8:10 when Ben visits her home, he tells ITV. They talk about everything from family to technology. They even discovered that Ben had named his newborn daughter Daisy, which was Dorothy’s mother’s name.

Ben had promised that if Mercy made it to her 100th birthday, he would show up at her door with a birthday cake. He and his fellow garbage collectors kept their end of the bargain after Mercy kept hers.

In a video that has been shared all over the internet after Mercy’s granddaughter Katy Smith posted it, Ben greets her with a pink and white cake. After the three men sang “Happy Birthday” and before Dorothy blew out her candles, Ben told her to make a wish and suggested that it be living to age 105.

Mercy’s granddaughter is very thankful for friends and neighbors like Ben.

“So I messaged him to thank him that he made her day,” she told ITV News. “We all feel very blessed to have her, she has a great sense of humour and is loved by so many. We treasure every moment.”

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