A Couples Therapist Decides To Test His Theory

A couples therapist believes the amount of s*x you have is directly related to happiness,

So he decides to test his theory at his next seminar.

He addresses the crowd in attendance and asks “How many couples here tonight have s*x once a day?”

To the therapist’s delight, about half of the crowd raise their hands with wide, toothy grins across their faces.

The therapist then asks “How many have s*x once a week?”

Roughly a third raise their hands, still smiling, only a little less so.

“How about once a month?” he asks.

A few couples reluctantly lift their hands, showing slight embarrassment.

He then says “OK, how many here have s*x once a year?”

One man in the back jumps up and starts waving his hand enthusiastically and shouts

“I do!”

The therapist is a bit distraught, as this would disprove his theory.

He asks the man in the back

“If you have s*x only once a year, tell me, why are you so happy?”

To which the man replies

“Because today’s the day!”


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