A Daycare Worker Left An Inappropriate Message For Mother In Her Boy’s Lunchbox So She Got Fired From Her Job

A Texas mother fired a kindergarten employee after receiving a rude message from her. Francesca Isdon was outraged on her Facebook, sharing a photo of her upsetting message.
As always, Kyler took her rocking horse to kindergarten and her mom told her to bring her lunch.

Parents sometimes want to leave a message that will surprise their children or send a message of love even when a caregiver is not present. Francesca also told the agency that she had previously been making changes to Kyler’s diet.
However, Kyler is picky about food, so he tries to turn his lunches into healthier choices he likes.

She left a note to the person who helped him eat this love note. But surprisingly, she returned her notes with an aggressive response.

She said she and the caregiver had bad conversations, but there was no reason to include the little boy in their fight. But the kindergarten staff did what Francesca did not want to give up. She started doing business with the agency.

Although he confessed after asking the staff directly, he doesn’t seem to have any regrets about his actions. she got fired

The mother also shared on Facebook several inappropriate messages from kindergarten staff, but the agency decided to ignore them. In the end, Francesca moved her son to another kindergarten, albeit more expensive.
But she’s like any other parent who feels she deserves it because “Kyler’s safety and level of care come first”.

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