A Gynaecologist Waits On His Last Patient Of The Day

A gynaecologist waits on his last patient, who does not arrive on time.

After an hour of waiting he makes a gin and tonic to relax.

After he settles into an armchair to read the newspaper, he hears the doorbell ring.

It’s the patient, who arrives all embarrassed and apologizes for the delay.

“It doesn’t matter,” answers the doctor. “Look, I was having a gin and tonic while waiting. Do you want one to help you relax?”

“Yes, thankyou, if you don’t mind!” She answers.

He gives her a drink, sits down in front of her and they start talking.

Suddenly someone is heard opening the entrance office door.

The doctor looks worried, gets up and says:

“My wife! Quick, take off your clothes and spread your legs, otherwise, she might think there is some nonsense going on!”

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