A Homeless Person Left A Mysterious Note

A very special note was found among the stack of envelopes at the First United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. An anonymous person had scribbled the following words: “Please don’t be mad. I don’t have much. I’m homeless.”

When they opened the envelope they were surprised to find it contained a dime, a nickel and three pennies. 18 cents. While for many, 18 cents is worthless and won’t get you anywhere. Far from being mad, church leaders were touched by the gesture. For this anonymous person, those 18 cents could very well have been everything in his or her pocket. Unfortunately, no one knows the identity of the mysterious person who wrote the kind words. However, they believe it came from one of the “homeless neighbors” who attended the service after a free breakfast.

“Those who have nothing give everything and those who have everything give nothing.” is a quote by Derek Bell.
I think it perfectly sums up this situation. While there are exceptions to this quote the homeless also know the true value of money and know that even a little spare change can be priceless.

There is also the quote that says, “You DON’T miss what you never had,” and that is pretty self explanatory and goes a long way into showing that if you never had something in the first place, then you can’t miss it because you never had it. Despite the bad rep the homeless get this just shows how pure there hearts are. After all homelessness happen to anyone, we are all just one step away in life.

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