A Huge Huntsman Spider Spoted In This Women’s Shower And Terrified Her

We all have our fears. It’s inevitable and undeniable.

Lucky for those who can proudly say that they fear nothing, but most of us would definitely agree that there are things that do scare us the most.

This is just part of who we are and there are a lot of weird things that psych us differently.

However, there are some phobias that many people would agree with. Like creepy crawlies – animals that crawl in dainty spaces we never expected. Snakes are at the top of this list – many people would surely freak out by the sight of it. But also, spiders, mostly big ginormous spiders are one thing to be really terrified into.

Just as what happened to the Australian woman who found a huge huntsman spider inside her shower! You can imagine the horror!

Spiders come in different sizes. Some are small like that in the children’s song, while some are just massive. These massive spiders can be found in not all places but it obviously is abundant in some continents – take Australia for example.

Australia is known to be rich in wildlife and home to some of the most dangerous animals in the world. It’s and this incident would not be much of a surprise. But if you are someone who gets scared of spiders then it sure is a horror for you.

The horrified woman was Cathy Cox from Perth, who found the huge huntsman spider in her bathroom – though the picture was kinda zoomed in, it was actually just quite a decent size for a spider of this kind. But Cathy is not a fan of it and initially was scared after seeing the spider in there.

Though huntsman spiders are not necessarily threatening, as these spiders tend to run away from a human than to crawl closer, and it is a spider species which is very common in Australia, seeing one up close and in such a personal space would really freak someone out.

Scared of her creepy-crawly companion, Cathy posted a picture of the spider on an Australian spider identification page to ask for advice (And wow – they really have a group to identify spiders? Australia really is something cool!)


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