A Married Couple Was Dreaming about Winning the Lottery

One day a married couple was dreaming about winning the lottery and discussing what they would spend the money if they won the large sum of money.

Perhaps they would buy a larger house, get a swimming pool, go on an overseas holiday, new expensive designer clothing, or buy a flashing sports car.

The wife thought about what she would do if she won, and excitably answered that she would hire a live-in chef, and say to the chef:

“Hey! Make me a sandwhich”

The husband then shook his head, looked at his wife standing in the kitchen, and said, “Not me, I already have one of those.”

Like that cheeky response? Why not read below for another brilliant joke!
A man goes on safari to Africa with his wife and his mother-in-law.
One morning, the wife wakes up to find her mother gone.
In a worried state, she awakens her husband and they both set off to find the old woman.
Suddenly, they break into a clearing and there’s the mother-in-law, standing face-to-face with a ferocious lion!
“Quick, darling,” the wife shouts frantically, “Do something!”
“Oh, no,” the husband says, “That lion got himself into this mess. Let him get himself out!”

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