A Mother Forgot To Wash Her Fake Tan Before Breastfeeding So The Baby Boy Left Looking Like Homer Simpson

The five-month-old boy remained like Homer Simpson even after his mother forgot to wash off the fake tan before feeding him.

Young mother Kezia Josephiac wore a faux tan before Raph had dinner with her 21-year-old husband James Smith on Hungry Valentine’s Day.

A 20-year-old mother from Derby wouldn’t even consider breastfeeding her son, even though the Bondi Sands faux tan didn’t dry properly.

And when Raf finished sucking, a five-month-old baby was left with fake tan circles covering the bottom of his nose, chin and lips similar to Homer Simpson’s face in The Simpsons.

By sharing a photo of her smiling son after a funny incident, Kezia’s upload garnered over 101,000 likes and comments on the platform.

‘ When I turned to see Raff, I just laughed out loud. I didn’t make his mouth look like Homer from the Simpsons because of the tanning,” Kezia explained.

“I thought Raf could get a tan because he was sleeping, but he woke up hungry. This is the first and definitely the last time I’ve been breastfeeding my son with a tanning. ‘

I never dreamed that the tan would spread on his face. “I took a picture and sent it to my girlfriend. They laughed and had a lot of fun. My mom was so funny that I called her with tears on purpose.”

Kezia also said that she usually tans once a week and wears it mostly in the evening before bed. So her young mother took an hour to get the tans off her son’s face, she said.

‘It took about an hour to remove the sunburn from his face and it was really fun. I used baby oil and wet wipes and it was shiny and clean.

It took about an hour to remove the tan from his face. I used baby oil and wet wipes and it was shiny and clean. Fortunately, the tan at Bondi Sands is really good for your skin, Kezia adds.

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