A real-life Squid Game is taking place in Abu Dhabi

It was just a matter of time until the Netflix sensation, Squid Game, turned into a planned real-life event.

That is, a version of it without the murder and violence.

The survival thriller involving lethal children’s games, which rapidly became one of Netflix’s most-watched series ever, has been recreated for an event at the Korean Cultural Center in the UAE.

Contestants may now participate in a series of Korean children’s games based on the show.

There will be no deaths or a $38 million cash reward, but players will have a chance to win a coveted green tracksuit worn by the show’s protagonists.

The games will be contested in two-hour tournament-style sessions on October 12.

To apply, candidates must complete a form with three questions about the series.

Participants will be dressed in Squid Game t-shirts, while the event personnel will be costumed in the pink circle, triangle, and square costumes worn by the in-show game facilitators.

The Squid Game premiered on Netflix on September 17 and quickly became the highest-rated programme in 90 countries.

It’s grown so popular, in fact, that sales of green tracksuits and white Vans have increased since its debut last month.

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