A recent study showed that farting in front of a partner leads to stronger and healthier relationships

Farting in front of a significant other can feel awkward and unnatural at first, but research shows that once you get over the awkwardness, your entire relationship can grow stronger if it does. Yes, farts are disgusting, although sometimes funny in the right circumstances, farts are ultimately an unavoidable part of life. In fact, the average person farts about fourteen times a day!

If you and your partner fart in front of each other, you will probably last a long time. At least that’s the conclusion of a study conducted on relationships and opposite farts.

“Passing gas in front of each other is a healthy sign that the two of you are comfortable in your relationship,” explains family therapist Gary Brown. He claims that couples that get ‘get over’ the initial embarrassment of passing gas in front of each other are more likely to stay together and live healthier lives.

He also suggests that this elevated comfort may lead to a better sex life due to the decreased insecurities in each others bodies.

“Being more comfortable with each other is likely to result in a willingness to play with less inhibition and fears.”

“A better sex life deepens the connection between couples resulting in a higher likelihood of sticking together when the times get tough.”

You may think it is bad mannered to pass gas in front of your significant other, but holding it in is not good either.

Not letting those toots rip may come back to haunt you.

A held in fart may be reabsorbed into the blood stream only to present itself a second time as bad breath.

If that is not enough incentive to let your farts out, nothing is.

Bad breath will lead to your partner resenting your affectionate kisses. This can be much worse than a temporary bad-smelling fart.

Another relationship guru Cynthia Powell recently said, “Once couples get over the initial embarrassment of farting in front of a new partner, it seems to open up a whole new period of openness, honesty and trust.”

She goes on to say, “Ok, so I’m no gastrointestinal expert but I imagine lying in bed for a few hours and after indulging in marathon horizontal jogging — as all new couples do, must surely get the gases bubbling. And as they say, in a relationship you should never bottle anything up.”

So, let it rip next time!

Your relationship will be stronger by not holding them in.

You should not hold back in front of your partner. Not only could it be healthy for your relationship to let those toots rip, but it is also unhealthy for you not too! Break the strange social stigma of farting and embrace the fact that it is just a natural and unavoidable part of life. Don’t make it weird and go out of your way to do it though. Make it a natural part of life and at the least, you may get some great laughs out of each others farts.

So there you have it – a couple that farts together stays together.

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