A Study Says Tall Husbands and Short Wives Forms A Strong Relationship

Science always comes up with some amazing facts. And here we have got a very recent study of 2017 with 8,000 Indonesian participants.

This study basically focuses on the correlation between husbands and wives through their heights. According to this scientific research tall husbands and short wives are more likely to form a happy and stronger bond.

According to this study, the more inches separate a couple the more their bond gets stronger. In short, tall husbands and short wives form perfect and stronger bonds than others.

This study did not claim that husband’s height is all that decides the happiness of his wife, of course, there are lot more elements that are important like man’s confidence, income, self-esteem etc. but yes according to this study the difference between your heights is one of those important elements.

There is another connection between his height and her happiness is that women find taller men more capable and trustworthy than a shorter guy.

According to the study, most women dream to have charming and lankier husbands. Supposedly, a taller husband gives greater life satisfaction.

All the short boys don’t be sad because there is another study published in 2010. The 2010 study says ‘women didn’t feel more attracted to taller men who showed romantic interest in them.’

So vertically challenged guys don’t be sad there are chances for you too to form a perfect and strong bond with your wives as the study of 2010 greatly back up 2017 one.

At the same time, 2017 research from Indonesia also clarifies that one’s height shouldn’t be a dealbreaker between husbands and wives.

After all, this is a universal thing that everyone takes tall people more seriously and there are again various studies behind this. We can say that when it comes to marriage short wives and tall husbands probably forms a happy and strong bond because short girls often feel more secured with tall guys.

But short guys, all the studies are not meant to completely believe as exceptions always exist there. So chill and be one of the best husbands even with your short height.


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