A Study Says That Short Wives And Tall Husbands Have The Happiest Marriages

We don’t like to love people because of their looks, but many women naturally prefer tall men. The figure of the man under the bride always looks ridiculous to some. However, it is basic to try not to judge others because of the height difference, but the exact reason is unknown, and it is like explaining why the pizza does not contain pineapple.

Son Ki Tae a researcher at Konkuk University, investigated whether the correlation actually exists. This study analyzed 7,850 samples of the Indonesian population.

Research continues. “This relationship gradually weakened over time and disappeared completely after 18 years of marriage. Her husband’s ingenuity was a secondary mediator of the relationship,” she said.

Yes, the impact of this growth on happiness is considered negligible. It makes sense considering that you will absolutely never marry a man who is taller than you. However, 18 years is an important factor influencing happiness in the sense of a long time.

Sexual dimorphism, a concern for height differences, may stem from a fear of social consideration. Another study of the social aspect of dating preferences found that responses were often “associated with social expectations or gender stereotypes.”

However, given actual statistics, preference does not necessarily mean finding a mate with this exact trait. This is simply because finding the right person is worth much more than something like a height difference.

There are more couples with men on the higher side. But in reality, people succumb when they feel good with someone, despite height differences that exceed their preferences (on average, women prefer higher differences than men).

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