According To The Policy Of this School Girls Will Be Ban If They Refuse The Offer Of Boys To Dance

The principal made an 11-year-old girl dance with a guy who doesn’t like her at a high school Valentine’s Day ball.
Aslin Hobson, a high school for the wealthy in Laketown, Utah, returned home angry when Principal Kip Motta said it wasn’t against the rules. According to

Azlin’s mother, she was excited to dance at first, and had to wear a red and pink floral sundress over leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Alicia Hobson revealed that her daughter was excited to dance at first and even had to wear a red and pink floral sundress over leggings and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Her mother admitted that she had to style her hair carefully because she had long dreamed of dancing with the guy she likes.
‘At first she was excited about all this, especially in the morning when she left. I asked her if she was dancing with the guy she likes and she agreed and was very happy. She was furious with a sigh because she had to dance with a boy she didn’t like,” said Alicia Hobson.

Alicia posted her lengthy statement of the incident on her own Facebook page, leaving her with “NO MEANS NO.”

Alicia asked the manager to change the policy, but the manager reportedly refused. The school’s principal, Motta, defended the policy, saying it is mainly used to ensure that children do not fall behind anything. He also acknowledged that students must agree to dance with the person they ask for.

Director Kip Motta told Azlin that NO is against the rules.

However, the Weber School District of Utah ordered schools to withdraw a policy requiring students to accept dance partners in 2018 after parents bitterly complained that their daughters were told they could not turn down an invitation.

The Rich Middle School, Laketown, Utah

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