After failing to find any hope in love for a long time, this man found true love when he met his current girlfriend (who is a teenage girl, incidentally).

Jeremy Pratico and Charline Chaltin met online during the global pandemic, and it wasn’t long before they reportedly became a thing. While the duo has gotten past their almost three-decades age difference, they have, however, been faced with international travel restrictions.

Jeremy Pratico, 47, and Charline Chaltin, 19, met in 2020 after both posted on a Twentyone Pilots Facebook page.

Officially, the 47-Year-Old and 19-Year-Old started dating in 2020, and their 28-year age gap, including their 3,500 miles between the United States and Belgium, hasn’t in any way damper on their love. The pair are an ocean apart, but recently, they met face-to-face even though it was just a brief eight-day visitation.

The 28-year age gap is no issue because Charline, according to Jeremy, is ‘very mature for her age.’

Jeremy, who traveled to Brussels to see Charline on June 30th, has now insisted that Charline is his dream girl and that the pair can’t wait to move in together once international travel restrictions are lifted. “If it wasn’t for coronavirus, I don’t know if this would have happened. But because I was in quarantine, I was online more than I would have been in normal life.” Jeremy, according to Daily Mail, said.

The couple met in person this June when Jeremy, an elementary teacher, flew to visit Charline for eight days.

He added: “I would never normally date someone so young and that far away, but about a week in, I was like, Uh oh, I feel something. I was excited to talk to her, and I knew very quickly I enjoyed speaking to her.” The pair’s first date was over a video chat drinking coffee and cocoa, and doing a crossword puzzle. Jeremy shared on Facebook that it got serious relatively quickly because they both knew it was something Super rare.

They’ve become a serious thing even though Charline lives in Brussels and Jeremy lives in Vermont.

While they are 3500 miles away from each other, Jeremy said he ‘never felt closer to any person in my entire life.’ This had made him rethink times in the past when he’d refused long-distance relationships with ‘girls who live 70 miles away.’ Similarly, Charline wrote on Facebook: “Jeremy is the best; I still can’t believe I met someone like him. He’s definitely the best human I’ve ever met.”

Charline is ready to move in with Jeremy and even postpone college because he is now her ‘priority.’

Jeremy admitted: “I never thought I’d fall for someone so far away and this much younger. I finally overcame the immense fear of judgment and decided to be happy for myself and her. She’s my true soul mate, and I’ve NEVER been this happy.” Initially, the duo’s parents weren’t totally on board, believing Charline was looking for a green card, but they’ve since come around.

Initially, their parents objected, believing Charline wanted a green card, but they’ve since come around.

It turned out the couple’s first anniversary hits on June 4th, 2020. They are hoping for another visit after Christmas, and both have agreed that Charline will move in with Jeremy, an elementary school teacher in Vermont, as soon as possible. Nonetheless, the Twentyone Pilots Facebook Fan page had connected the duo and brought love alive.

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