Always Wash Your Brand New Clothes

New clothes off the rack are not as clean as they may appear. Here are the main reasons why you need to wash new clothes at least once before you wear them for the first time.

Bacteria, Fungus, and Insects
The main reason for washing new clothes is because they could be harbouring all sorts of bacteria and fungus. You have no idea if the item you are buying has been bought before and then been returned. Or how many people may have taken the clothing to try on before you’ve bought them. Dressing rooms can be breeding grounds for everything from viruses to athlete’s foot which can transfer onto the clothes and then from person to person.

Chemical Irritants
Another reason clothes should be washed is to remove the chemical finishes like that manufacturers put on clothes to enhance color or texture. Some people with sensitive skin could end up developing skin rashes. It is extremely important to wash babies’ clothes before they are worn because a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive to chemicals. New clothes that have been washed once will be softer and will make them more comfortable to wear.

Loose Dye Transfer
Clothes that carry a ‘wash before wearing’ tag often have dark or bright dyes in them. The dye could easily transfer onto other garments, materials or even your skin. By washing the clothing before you wear them will get rid of the excess dye.

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