Amazing Tattoos That Create Optical Illusions

Of course there are plenty of really bad tattoo fails on the internet, we’ve seen some real shockers about. But here we have found some actually very surprising amazing tattoos! I have to say these tattoos are really worth every penny that was spent on them! The artists have some amazing skills. What makes them so unique is that not only are they nicely done they are brilliant optical illusions that make them look super realistic. Here are a few of the best ones we found that are sure to amaze you!

1.This man was an amazing three dimensional looking paw print accompanied by claw marks on his leg.

2.This man is clearly a spider man fan with this hidden spider man costume on his chest.

3.This is a very clever, religious tattoo that has amazing detail and flows amazingly into his actual hand!

4.This tattoo gives the impression of an awesome bionic arm

5.This tattoo is very creepy as it is so realistic and the snake looks to be coming through his arm

6.We love this tattoo. A brick wall cracking through the back of his head, basically like talking to a brick wall!

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