Amazing Transformations Of The Cast Of ‘Legally Blonde’ Then Vs Now

Two decades later and with a third installation in the making (set to premiere in May 2022), Legally Blond remains as relevant as ever. This quotable cinematic masterpiece (bend and snap, anyone?) was a film about style, female empowerment, and following your dreams rather than a basic dude. While this movie has stood the test of time, its cast has grown up and moved on. Here’s where all the cast members of Legally Blond are today, and what they’re up to.

1. Reese Witherspoon

After the first Legally Blond, she appeared in the sequel, titled Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. In this decade, the blond babe is still an A-lister, but is flexing way more than her acting skills nowadays, expanding into producing, directing and writing. She has a new career in TV as seen in Big Little Lies and Little Fires Everywhere. Big Little Lies even earned the actress a Golden Globe nomination. Right now, you can find her on the Apple+ show The Mornign Show, which she stars in alongside heavy hitter Jennifer Aniston. She also owns a fashion company called Draper James. Reese was first married to Ryan Philippe and shares 2 children with him, but then married Jim Toth in 2011, and had their son Tennessee a year later. And of course, we can expect Witherspoon in the upcoming third Legally Blond, which we’re so excited about!

2. Selma Blair

Selma Blair looks just as good at 49 as she did in her days of playing Vivian Kensington. Then, she played Hellboy’s Liz Sherman and a hilarious role in The Sweetest Thing, putting her on everybody’s radar. She also famously played a fabulous Kris Jenner in American Crime Story. In the early 2000s she was married to Ahmet Zappa. Then she dated Jason Bleick in 2010, who she shares son Arthur with. The two split a year after having the child. Unfortunately, Selma was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018, but she hasn’t let that stop her still very existent acting career.

3. Luke Wilson

Everyone’s favorite Legally Blond hottie would have to be Luke Wilson, aka Emmett. I mean, that charming smile and brow furrow were still pretty hard to turn down, and his adorable support of Elle also made us swoon. After this movie, Wilson had an illustrious career in cinema, from The Royal Tennanbaums to Old School, where he showed off his comedy and drama skills. In 2019, he starred in the film adaptation of The Goldfinch and currently has a few projects in the works. Looks like this actor’s career isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

4. Jennifer Coolidge

While Jennifer had always been a heavyweight comedienne in the acting world, many remember her for her lips and that unforgettable pout that’s made her so famous. In Legally Blond, we saw her master the Bend and Snap for her crush, the UPS guy. Her character was clumsy, earnest, and oh so sweet. But despite the memorable performance, most people already knew her from playing Stifler’s mom in the American Pie franchise, which is still probably her most famous role to date. Today, she’s played over 50 characters since then, and is just as talented, as proven by her recurring role on the CBS hit show 2 Broke Girls and the movie Like A Boss.

5. Matthew Davis

Ah, Matthew Davis, the man that eve try female viewer found gorgeous, but hated with all their heart. The now-43-year old played the man who broke Elle Woods heart, but ultimately we should be thanking him, since like many terrible exes, he did end up motivating her journey towards becoming an empowered and independent boss babe who doesn’t need a man to prop her up. Afterwards, Davis starred in the 2006 series What About Brian, and played Kate Bosworth’s love interest in Blue Crush. But he really gained major fandom after joining the Vampires Diary cast as Alaric Saltzman, who he played from 2009 to 2017. In 2018, he married Kiley Casciano, who he shares a daughter with.

6. Holland Taylor

Now almost 80, Holland Taylor’s career has not slowed down one bit. In the 2001 film, she starred as Professor Elspeth Stromwell. Afterwards, her TV career flourished on The Practice and Two and a Half Men, which earned her 4 Primetime Emmy nominations. Apart from being in films like

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, and Bill & Ted Face The Music, she wrote and starred in the Broadway show Ann, which was based on the life of Texas governor Ann Richards. Recently, Taylor starred in the Netflix series Hollywood. Shehas famously been dating much younger AHS actress Sarah Paulson since 2015.

7. Victor Garber

Garber, otherwise known as Professor Callahan by his die-hard fans, is now in his 70s. Alongside Jennifer Garner, he played Jack Bristow on Alias for 5 seasons. He’s frequently made appearances on high profile shows like Glee, Modern Family, and Schitts Creek. Many people recognize him from Power and his role of Simon Stern. Since 2015, Victor has been married to Rainer Andreesen.

8. Ali Larter

Fans loved Ali’s portrayal of Brooke Taylor-Windham in this 2000s comedy. Afterwards, she joined the Final Destination cast to play Clear Rivers in Final Destination 2. While we’ve seen her since then in movies like Obsessed, one of her most well known roles was playing Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil franchise. She also has a recurring role in the ABC show The Rookie. Since 2009, Ali has been married to Hayes Macarthur. The couple shares two kids together — Theodore and Vivienne.

9. Linda Cardellini

Today, you might recognize Linda Cardinella from her popular Netflix show Dead to Me or perhaps her role in Scooby Doo as an uncanny Velma, but we’ll forever remember her as Chutney Windham making that iconic confession in the courtroom. Besides a 6-year stint on ER, Linda has since starred in movies like Brokeback Mountain and The Curse of La Llorona, along with the Daddy’s Home movies. For Dead to Me, the actress a manger to snag an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She has been dating actor Steven Rodriguez since 2011, and the two have a child together.

10. Alana Urbach

Urbach played one of Elle’s best friends, known as Serena McGuire. After the Legally Blond sequel, she appeared in Meet the Fockers to play Isabel Villalobos. Today, you can find her in shows like Euphoria. She starred on Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce from 2015-2018, which was Bravos first ever scripted TV show. Alanna’s hubby is music producer Thom Russo, who she had a son in 2017 with.

11. Bruiser Woods

While we included his more prominent human cast mates, we couldn’t leave out Bruiser Woods, who was played by Moonie the chihuahua. After this movie, Moonie held onto his fame, and even booked a gig in a music video with Cher! Sadly, Moonie passed away in 2016, but he lived a long and happy life of 18 years.

12. Jessica Cauffiel

You can hardly think of the early 2000s without conjuring up Jessica’s face. Today she’s 45 and retired from acting, but back then, she was plastered all over our screens. In Legally Blond, she played the ditzy, but lovable Margot. Her other famous roles include Tori from White Chicks, and she seems to have been pretty low-key for the past decade, seeing as her last role was in the 2010 flick Ice Dreams.

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