An Influencers Disclose Their Instagram Vs. Real-Life Look, And It is Going Viral

Social media has been demonized often for the ton of photoshopped and heavily filtered photos that portray fake personalities and lifestyles.

However, while scrolling through Instagram or any other platform and we’re bombarded with pictures of beautiful-looking people with perfect bodies we tend to forget that these individuals might actually be doing amazing things.

But the truth is, a lot of these ‘perfect’ photos are all an illusion: they’re heavily altered and sometimes filtered to make us think that the models and influencers are living the life while their real lives might be the complete opposite.

A set of photos taken by two supposedly Chinese social media stars and posted online showed their fans just how powerful of a tool Photoshop is. The stars made themselves look skinnier and altered their faces.

The influencers showed how photo editing software can make them look radically different And just how much it can hoodwink us without us being aware of what’s going on.

Two influencers showed their fans what they really look like without editing their photos

Here’s how they looked after they edited their photos

…and here’s what they look like in real life

And the difference is striking

This comparison shows you the power of photo editing software

This is how Coeyyyy’s followers are used to seeing her

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