Artist Draws Her Love Life With Her Boyfriend In 31 Hilarious Comics

There is so much more to being in a relationship than simply posting a lot of photos together. Artist Beisme wants to convey what she thinks love is, and sometimes, it’s not about acting cool. There are insecure people worldwide, and sometimes, what they need is someone who can show extra love and care about them unconditionally.

Green Lemon would love to share the adorable illustrations this woman feels and conveys through her drawings!

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1. After a hard working day…

2. Am I gifted in hair-styling?

3. What is he going to do with the picture?

4. Suddenly I felt depressed…

5. I can hug you all day.

6. Simply because I want to hear you say ‘I love you’.

7. How he kiss me.

8. Because I like your scent.

9. Aww.

10. My hand, so small in yours.

11. Just a hug.

12. And sometimes, we’re like siblings.

13. You don’t need to be anything else.

14. What makes you beautiful?

15. Cover me~

16. One special hug.

17. I can’t sleep alone, so even when you’re tired, you’re always there.

18. No, I love you more!

19. Hey, darling!

20. I don’t like him watching me putting on lipstick.

21. It’s peaceful around you.

22. I’m annoyed, but I still love you.

23. Love is like a plant, it needs to be cared daily.

24. Hey, hey, hey~

25. You gave me umbrella on that day and I could see rainbow glowing over you.

26. Good night, my love.

27. I love you, but don’t touch!

28. Whenever she asks his opinions for a good outfit.

29. I’m so mad, but I still miss him.

30. She’s crazy.

31. Too young, but can’t help wondering!

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