Artist’s 20 Illustrations That Draw Issues Women Face In A Patriarchal Society

Chiara from Italy has lived her whole life surrounded by people that operate on a patriarchal society. The 25-year-old illustrator had been using her skill in drawing to depict the problems that patriarchy is posing from her home in Palermo, Sicily.

Slightly NSFW, Chiara managed to convey her thoughts perfectly. Are they really appropriate, or was that what men want women to believe? Do we do things because that’s what society believes gender should do, or because we love to?

No matter what you say…

Butterflies in my stomach.

Chiara shares about her life, “I am a fashion designer and Illustrator based in Milan, where I graduated at Naba (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti).” She has also participated in exhibitions, one of them during the exhibition of Mialò Art at Villa Niscemi, Palermo back in 2014. Recently, she also another show at Magneti Cowork, Palermo.

Spirited away.


We are one bundle.

Someone who gets you.

Your opinions don’t matter.

Anxiety will never leave you alone.

Fundamental human rights.

Making choices.

My current status.

She also shares her illustrations on Instagram where more than 2k followers have gathered. On this platform, she focuses on the subject of female empowerment and questioning the status quo of societies that are ruled by patriarchy. But those aren’t the only things she addresses – she also tackles talks about mental issues both in playful and serious sense.

My ring.

Life in a nut.. or perhaps, pizza shell.

My body, my choice.

Tissues for issues.

None of your business.

Jumping to conclusions.

Please use this brain wisely.

Chiara, who speaks mostly Italian, manages to convey her messages very well through her illustrations. With minimum words, her strong images convey the message across perfectly well. They get slightly NSFW at times, but really asks the status quo on what ‘women can do’ and ‘be’ in this world.

The loser.

Get lost and you might just find yourself.


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