Artist’s 5 Dark Stories With Twisted Endings

Cartoonist Mike Greaney is a man with many creative talents. Based in Geelong, Australia, Mike is also a writer and has even voice acted for Nickelodeon. He’s known for many feats in the creative industry, such as the short animation ‘Wormholes’ and the comic “Freelancers of the World Unite.”

On Instagram, Mike is the man behind “Cosmic Dirtbag Comics.” This is where he creates comics out of the wildest ideas in his mind. Plot twists, time travel, time-space continuum… Mike is a fan of playing with the ‘what ifs’ in seemingly common stories. Scroll on to read them!

1 Mike seeks a new perspective

2 Explorers search for a mythical well

3 A person explains their stockpile

4 A wounded soldier sends a final missive

5 Friends discuss their evening plans

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