Baby Elephant Tried To Hide Behind A Pole

I don’t think there are any baby animals that aren’t cute! Never the less what you are about to see is probably one of the cutest things from a baby elephant. (Which already in itself is the sweetest thing!)

Clearly much like children, baby animals also know when they have done wrong. So when this baby elephant was caught up to no good he did what any toddler in trouble would do to avoid being caught – it hid.

Unfortunately, despite being just a tiny baby, this elephant didn’t stand a chance when it chose to hide behind a narrow pole!

After getting caught munching on some sugarcane in a farmer’s field, the elephant quickly ran behind a pole to hide. When the local people saw the culprit’s bold attempt to hide from them, they couldn’t help but laugh at the situation in front of them.

One of the locals was able to capture the hilarious moment on camera. And when they uploaded it on Facebook, the internet just couldn’t handle the cuteness and the hilarity. Maybe it was thinking that if it stayed still, the local farmers wouldn’t be able to see it.

Elephants love sugarcane, grass, small plants and fruit, so they won’t hesitate to steal their favourite food when given the chance. Despite being cute, they can cause lots of damage to farmers’ crops. It’s common practice for farmers to stay guard at night to herd them away safely. We totally applaud this little one’s attempt at sneaking a midnight snack.


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