Billie Eilish Ditches Her Iconic Neon Green Hairstyle And Goes Blonde

The ‘Too Young Too Die’ singer has finally decided to ditch her neon-green with black hair behind. Billie Eilish officially debuted her new blonde hair look and shared a selfie of herself on her Instagram.

The ‘Bad Guy’ singer and rapper shared a picture of herself gazing outside the camera with a casual look with her 78.3 million followers on Instagram. Currently, the post has been liked more than 17.6 million times. Previously, she had her hair dyed in other colors, too. But neon-green was the most recent iconic look of hers.

Just a few days ago, Billie snapped two awards for ‘Everything I Wanted’ track that she performed on Grammy’s stage.


Surprised, Billie said she didn’t expect herself to win and shared it on her acceptance speech, “This is really embarrassing for me.”






“Megan girl, I was going to write a speech talking about how you deserve this, but I was like, there’s no way it would be me. You deserve this,” she continued as she sang praises for Megan’s achievement.

“Pinch me,” Billie captioned her new look post.

“You had a year that I think is untoppable. You are a queen. You are so beautiful, you are so talented. I think about you constantly. I wrote for you always. You deserve it, honestly. Can we just cheer for Megan Thee Stallion, please?”

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