Bride Went ‘Super Extra’ With FIVE Wedding Outfits – Including One With Bikini Bottoms

Can’t choose what to wear for your special day? TikTok user @chipgirlhere doesn’t let that issue stop her from wearing what she wants. The 30-year-old showed off five different wedding outfits for her big day last weekend and had described her attempt as “super extra.”

But anyone would want to feel special on their big day, right? Super extra sounds just right!

The influencer’s short wedding clip went viral with more than 3.8 million views. She is married to another TikTok influencer, @chipguyhere.

She began by showing off her poolside sheer white minidress complete with a garter and a veil. It was her first white look for the Las Vegas hen party, and she did a twirl to show off.

That night she changed into a tight white minidress and a pair of heels with white ribbons.

But of course, on the biggest moment of the day, she was in a long white gown with lacey details.

She then got the same dress Ariana Grande wore in her ‘Don’t Call Her Angel’ MV!

In this same dress, she did a mob dance for her husband, barefooted, and dang, she danced so well! The wedding was held in the man’s mansion, and that was also where she danced.

The party lasted until nighttime where she changed into a white bikini with silver linings.

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