Brilliant Owner & Dog Duos That Look Scarily Alike

They say that dogs are a mans best friend, but what happens when they start looking like their twin?

Dogs are said to take after their owners but this goes further than just personalities. This is of course because the owner tends to look for similar traits may subconsciously not realise they are picking looks that are alike to themselves. For example a lady with long hair, is likely to get a longer haired dog, or a dog with long floppy ears.

Next time you are out in the park, take a closer look and you’ll see just how common it is. However, check out these uncanny lookalikes, that are scarily accurate.

We love how the matching facial expressions these two are giving.

2. This lovely lady has got some hair competition from her pet pooch. They both rock the curls!

3. Having two different eye colours is extremely rare. But having a pet with one brown and one blue eye, the same way around too, is just astounding!

4. This owner grew out his hair, and then realised the resemblance to his dog, its just brilliant. Don’t ever get a hair cut again, twinning for life!

5. Aww these two are having a afternoon nap, and look every inch twins with their matching outfits and expressions

6. Another sleeping duo, these two are very in tune with each other, right down to the mouths open and tongues pocking out.

7. This lady posted “Myself and my dog Lexi have the same hairstylist, I might need to find a new one.” We love the co-ordination.

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